Role of cybersecurity in M&A

Secure 'now'. Agile 'next’.

Businesses are slowly starting to not just survive, but also thrive in the ‘new normal’. While Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) saw a decline in the past year owing to COVID-19, a revival is expected this year, and cyber risk and cybersecurity will play an imperative role in unlocking key M&A deals. Completing an M&A is a high-risk proposition, owing to its potential to influence market dynamics, competition, shareholders interest, business partners, etc. Technology also plays an important role by not only enabling the integration, but also driving the new business operating model. It brings in an entire gamut of cyberattacks, and a poor cybersecurity posture can slow down the company’s acquisition process and, in some cases, also be a deal breaker. This is where we come in.

Through our comprehensive framework, we help you manage cybersecurity concerns across the entire lifecycle of the M&A, which includes the process prior to, during, as well as post acquisition. At each stage of the process, we identify the key steps that are imperative for both the target company, as well as the acquiring company to ensure a smooth transition.

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