Safeguarding Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) with cybersecurity measures

Risk insights and building blocks for secure Generative AI solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has experienced exponential growth, steadily infiltrating various sectors. Today, with the emergence of generative AI, its impact on personal and business interactions is undeniably profound.

The rise of generative AI holds vast potential in almost every industry, providing a wide array of automation and data-driven processes that have the potential to reshape our business practices. Several pivotal aspects stand out,

  1. Intelligent information technology (IT): This entails a significant transformation in the structure of IT, the methodologies employed in software development, and the approaches to enhance and support IT systems.
  2. Intelligent products: This involves the augmentation of sensor-infused products through generative AI applications, a development with far-reaching implications across numerous industries.
  3. Intelligent operations: This revolves around the restructuring of operations, placing a greater emphasis on leveraging generative AI-derived insights to foster agility in operational processes.

This transformation, however, presents cybersecurity challenges, leaving organisations often ill-equipped to address its security implications. The absence of established procedures heightens risks to data integrity and model training. As generative AI rapidly progresses, security technology must adapt to this evolving landscape.

Our latest point of view (POV) delves into cybersecurity considerations pertinent to generative AI, proposes critical measures organisations should contemplate during the development of these systems, and cybersecurity questions to guide the evaluation of your organisation's preparedness for the secure, private, and ethical utilisation of generative AI.

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The CISO’s guide to Generative AI: Opportunities, outcomes, and the urgency of now

Cyber attacks won’t stop. The good news is Gen AI progress won’t either. Generative AI (Gen AI) is a force multiplier of value because it can do human-like work at hyperspeeds that no human can match. Gen AI could accelerate both cyber attacks and threat response capabilities. Organisations need to recognise both sides of that equation. To understand Gen AI’s power, an organisation should be fully aware of the considerations inherent to the technologies.

Take a deep dive into how the success of integrating Gen AI into an organisation’s cybersecurity strategy depends on its ability to envision a collaborative intelligence partnership between humans and machines, as well as its adeptness in asking the right questions. Establishing trust in Gen AI’s impact involves thoroughly understanding its capabilities and recognising its power and potential to drive transformative outcomes.

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