The future of IT internal controls –  Automation: A game changer

Internal controls continue to be a key focus area for companies, regulators and shareholders. Compliance costs are increasing in organizations. Companies are using the three lines of defense to manage internal controls: Operational Management, Risk management and compliance/controllership function and Internal Audit. Beyond the three lines of defense on Internal Controls, the Senior Management are faced with multifarious questions and challenges. Companies today are setting up IT Controls Center of Excellence to manage internal controls. The internal controls that can be managed centrally are shifted to the IT Controls Center of Excellence, which will be an independent function. However they will be working in an integrated manner with the IT operations teams. The IT Controls Center of Excellence will be working as a Second line of defense.

Through the PoV – “The Future of IT Internal Controls – Automation: A Game Changer”, Deloitte Risk Advisory aims to define an approach that can help organisations in addressing the key challenges and build a Robust Controls Framework.

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