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Threat Intelligence

Collect, Correlate, Enrich and Distribute Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence primarily focuses on restructuring unstructured data and information gathered from recent and past events to a comprehensively intelligent advice or a product that could be used to make informed decisions for mitigating dynamic threats.

Emerging technologies have led to a proportional rise in complexity of managing cyber assets. IT operations in many organisations lack process capabilities for comprehending real-time intelligence and taking timely action to safeguard the assets. Deloitte's Threat Intelligence services enables organisations to proactively manage technology resources more effectively by providing alerts and advisory related information on the latest vulnerabilities to different IT resources.

Today’s threat landscape is filled by increasingly sophisticated attacks and intrusions that take the form of advanced persistent threats, sophisticated malware and zero-day threats, Trojan and other rouge mobile application threats. Deloitte’s Advanced Threat Protection service helps organisations put themselves in a defensive posture against emerging cyber threats. The Advanced Threat Protection services takes input from other services such as the malware monitoring, anti-phishing, and the web application traffic analysis in order to analyse attack vectors and identify malicious activities in the network.

Threat intelligence is the change in focus from reactive to preemptive intelligent security measures to address the dynamic targeted external threat to an organisation’s digital assets and operations. Deloitte provides services such as network behavior analysis using the intrusion prevention and detection systems, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection to predict security events that may occur periodically, based on anomaly patterns and combining it with real-time threat information occurring in the present, or that which has already occurred in the past. The anomaly and behavior based information is used to preemptively predict attack vectors and is provided as an alert advisory.

Deloitte’s Cyber intelligence approach is a cyclical process used to convert raw data into ‘intelligence’ useful for organisations to achieve their desired goals. Our Cyber Intelligence Centre draws on real-time security intelligence that is analysed by security experts and is integrated with diverse feeds. With an unparalleled understanding of business processes and risks, Deloitte gives clients enriched situational awareness and pragmatic actionable information to address threats as they arise.

Deloitte’s Threat Intelligence relies on four basic steps:

  1. Planning & Direction: Identifying the organisation’s requirements and needs to create the right amount of intelligence out of information.
  2. Collection: Acquiring the raw data to process.
  3. Processing and production: Converting the acquired raw data into relevant and meaningful intelligence that is ready for interpretation and analysis.
  4. Dissemination: Supplying the organisation with finished and processed intelligence products to address the threats.

"Keep track of your vulnerabilities, stay informed of latest threats, and manage resources proactively."

We have the following services being offered with multiple others in the pipeline:

  • Alert Advisory
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Anti-Trojan
  • Malware Monitoring
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Network Behavior (IPS/IDS Analysis)
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