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Vulnerability Management Services

Strengthening your security operations posture

As the volume and capabilities of cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing, ongoing proactive attention is required to protect business information as well as safeguard client interests.

Vulnerability Management cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, re-mediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Management is a dynamic process, never complete and requires continuous monitoring and methods to prioritize remediation. Deloitte’s Vulnerability Management Service offers an ongoing process to identify, classify, and mitigate threats to the IT infrastructure across Server, Networks and enterprise applications.

Known bugs or issues across any device, network or application if goes unnoticed or unpatched can create holes which can be exploited by bad guys. In many instances due to possible oversight or lack of expert advice system are let misconfigured. A single glitch thus can trample you. Deloitte technical skills, risk management expertise and business intelligence helps an enterprise to identify threats from inside and outside of the network.

IT Managers need to alleviate security risks and assure to all stakeholders that their organizations IT assets are safe. Our Vulnerability Management service offerings assists the organizations in identifying and prioritizing the remediation of these vulnerabilities as not all the have equal impact. Our services are designed to provide enterprises with risk management strategies, since many organizations find “they can’t find and fix everything”.

Deloitte’s Risk Management best practices enables adoption of systematic approach to identify and mitigate risks due vulnerabilities existing across different technology platforms, Devices and Applications.

Changing nature of IT Infrastructure, application and Network topology makes it near mandatory for organizations to have a very defined governed polices and consistent diligence for effective Vulnerability Management. Compliance to standards and regulatory also requires Vulnerability Management to be done by Third party experts, who have core domain experience in IT and Information Security. Deloitte’s consulting expertise in areas of Enterprise Risk Management Services helps organizations to analyze and correlate IT risks with Business risks through its Vulnerability Management Service offerings

Deloitte understand that the threats posed by privacy and security breaches in cyber space have fueled an explosion in government legislation and regulations, compliance to standard has become mandatory need

Deloitte’s experience, along with our broad multidisciplinary delivery capability and delivers the following values:

  • Field-driven practical approach towards a methodological and systematic program
  • Risk-based pragmatic and holistic approach using multiple tools 
  • Services provided through Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Center (CIC) experts with hands on experience

Deloitte Vulnerability Management Services is part of its Cyber Risk Services offering that includes:


  • Vulnerability Assessment Service: Ethical non-intrusive hacking of internet and intranet address space
  • Penetration Testing: Controlled exploitation 
  • Application Security Testing: Controlled Black-Grey Box testing of web/client server applications
  • Source Code Security Review

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