Customer Experience (CX) Management

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Voice Analytics for Contact Centres

Transforming experiences. One voice at a time. #allthingsconversational

Voice Analytics is a web-based solution for call centre quality monitoring, compliance management and customer experience assessment. Powered by our unique 3+3 tier AI and ML technology, voice analytics lets you assess 100% of the calls to/from the call centre. The solution enables you to increase service satisfaction, resolutions, sales conversions, customer retention and performance efficiencies while reducing cost per call, regulatory action, and customers-at-risk.

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CX Management for auto sales acceleration

Steering experiences. Driving businesses.

An effective customer experience in the auto industry can take you the extra mile in servicing your client before, during and after the sale takes place. CX management for the auto industry utilizes the various landmark touch points like showroom visitation, test drives, post-sale servicing, etc to gain deep insights of your users. Our un-obtrusive survey-less approach ensures objective feedback that can then help craft a more compatible product and have an impactful car buying and service experience, turning customers into loyal patrons.

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360° CX Retail Intelligence for FMCG and Retail 

Beyond POS-sibilities

In this competitive and crowded retail landscape, businesses are struggling to provide a differentiated customer experience despite high marketing spends, while trying to create a positive impact on their bottom line. Our CX Retail Intelligence solution helps you deliver this dual prerogative by understanding customer trends of ALL visitors, pain points of poor customer experience, optimising operational efficiencies and spends to invest only in experiences that matter for an increased RoI.

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80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior experience - 8% of their customers agree

We know that no one understands your business better than you do. Our gamut of solutions have been crafted to help you read between the lines, hear what is unsaid and provide you with a perspective that tends to get lost in translation, so that this experience gap that businesses now face can be turned into a competitive advantage.