Global Capability Centers (GCCs)

Global Capability Centers (GCCs) have transitioned from being cost drivers to strategic business enablers and value creators. At Deloitte, we have tailored our services portfolio to bring innovation, deliver value and lead the evolution of GCCs from resource centers to Centers of Excellence (CoEs). We enable GCCs to leverage emerging technologies and build a unified view of risks and controls in an organization across geographies.

Global Capability Centres

    Global Capability Centers

    Regulatory and Operational Risk

    A proactive approach towards managing critical risks associated with business processes allows organizations to monitor efficiency by defining realistic performance measures. An effective risk management framework helps to prepare for the unexpected by developing programs capable of identifying, tracking and preparing to address risks

    Financial Risk

    At Deloitte, we provide end-to-end services to ensure that Global Capability Centers have both financial stability and liquidity. Our risk analytics capabilities strengthen the implementation of risk management and governance across all financial data.