Risk Analytics

Deloitte's Risk Analytics service advises organisations on how to effectively mitigate risk, and make informed and intelligent risk decisions around business processes, technology and operations.

We take pride in taking an integrated approach, combining specialist insight and innovation across multiple disciplines including analytics, controls and resilience. Our business and industry knowledge helps you seize the opportunity to better manage your risks across a diverse range of topics, from Compliance to Process Transformation.

Together, we help organisations take an intelligent approach to risk.

What we offer

Assurance Analytics

Global business expansion, stricter regulatory environments, evolving use of integrated system by management, and resource and talent constraints are leaving companies with increased risk exposure. To navigate these challenges, organisations are turning to new technology-enabled means to help identify hidden risks and opportunities. Our risk analytics team helps you to leverage and implement analytics for ongoing audit procedures.

Assurance Analytics benefits businesses seeking to:

  • Enhance insight into their business processes.
  • Establish performance indicators to support a Control Framework and associated root cause analysis.
  • Identify and analyse opportunities to manage control gaps.
  • Manage risk through automation of analysis and enhanced work flow management.

Data Insights

Organisations today depend and thrive on integrated and automated IT systems for business processing and financial reporting. But as technology enables the creation and capture of ever-increasing amounts of data, effective management and productive analysis of that information are becoming enormous challenges. Our risk analytics team provides cost-efficient, risk-effective solutions to help you leverage and unlock the value of your information.

Data Insights benefits businesses seeking:

  • Strategic insight to achieve outcomes for business problems.
  • Unlocking the real value of your data, discovering hidden insights.
  • Create innovative solutions with advanced analytics to meet critical challenges.
  • Enhance predictive capabilities to improve decision-making.

Continuous Control Monitoring

Visibility into business processes for compliance and governance, identification of process risks and control weaknesses, and closer alignment of business strategies to operations and resources are key objectives for major organisations. The challenge has been to monitor an integrated methodology and supporting infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Using our proven Process Framework supported by our comprehensive Diagnostic Tool, we can rapidly assess your current processes, controls and organisation. We can then perform targeted assessments of sources to identify improvement opportunities. In a highly regulated control environment, it provides the platform:

  • Independent testing of business transactions for errors, exceptions, and controls weaknesses.
  • Integration with L2 framework of compliance – second line of defense (Operations and Audit).
  • Process and cost effectiveness.
  • Near real-time and regular monitoring of control effectiveness.
  • Visualisation/dashboard for control status.

Business Process Analytics and Optimization

Unnecessary complexity and unintended variability in business processes are pervasive challenges in large organisations. Even with large-scale ERP projects and huge investments intended to automate and standardise business processes, the problem persists and is increasing in scope and consequence. While the existence of the problem is widely accepted, determining precisely how, where, when, and why the complexity and variability are occurring have been difficult, if not impossible.

Our risk analytics team through intuitive visualisation tools reveals input, output, and workflow complexity, and spotlights these key sources of variation.

The result is a new ability to reduce process variability, variation in cycle time, the number of users involved, and manual process steps. With these improvements, companies can significantly reduce complexity and improve working capital, process controls, and service levels in order to bolster the satisfaction of their customers.

Visualisation – Risk Organisation

Most information systems were designed to handle day-to-day operations, not to produce analysis and insight. Yet organisations spend millions on data warehousing solutions, only to spend millions more trying to extract truly useful, actionable information. Deloitte’s visualisation services help companies manage data from disparate sources and convert it into strategically relevant information that can drive competitive advantage. It supports in the development of a conceptual approach for operational and compliance risk, and helps in establishing risk policies and control mechanisms. Key client benefits are:

  • Clear lines of accountability and responsibility in risk identification and mitigation.
  • Help in reporting risks, based on alerts and thresholds.
  • Clear definitions of each dimension and category of risk.