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2022 Global Marketing Trends

Thriving through customer centricity

Executives are balancing productivity with increasing engagement with customers, employees, and society

We surveyed 1,099 global executives and 500 India consumers to better understand how top brands are meeting the needs of today’s customers.

Marketers are constantly evolving with the world around them. If last year was about responding to an unprecedented shock, this year is about recovering, and for those best positioned, thriving in this customer-centric world.

Our survey of 1,099 global executives revealed that many are prioritizing productivity, digital acceleration, customer engagement, and employee wellbeing as top outcomes to achieve over the next 12 months.

Combined with the insights from 500 India consumers, we see seven trends rising to the surface that can help marketers refine their approach to meeting the needs of people inside and outside of the organization, better navigate their data and technological environments, and deliver more holistic experiences for the humans they serve.

Deloitte 2022 Global Marketing Trends

Our latest research explores what brands can learn from their highest-growth counterparts to thrive amidst the world’s unprecedented complexity.

Executive Summary

High-growth brands are ahead of their lower-growth peers in several ways, including activating purpose more holistically, measuring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts across the organization, and deploying more sophisticated first-party data strategies.

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