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Accelerate Finance in the Digital World

The world is changing faster than ever before and this volatility has rocked the world on its very axis, pushing individuals, organisations, and countries into unprecedented action. Deloitte has been working with global experts, customers, product owners and partners to understand how financial services industry has been impacted, and the implications for enterprise performance due to rise in InsurTech, and how insurers are factoring these disruptions in their planning and agile decision making. 

Business planning has made great strides in recent years, supported by technology that’s grown ever more sophisticated. Customer relationship management software lets you create sales plans that consider nearly any potential customer interaction. Workforce and Supply chain planning tools help pinpoint where and when resources are needed across complex and highly regulated networks. Digital finance platforms enable financial analysts to spot trends, model changes, and forecast P&Ls with increasing accuracy.

How Enterprise Business Planning can transform your business

Enterprise Business Planning is used by large organizations to unify and align planning across all departments including Finance, Supply Chain, R&D / Product Teams, Sales, and Marketing. Learn how Deloitte leverages connected planning platforms to help organizations facilitate collaboration and drive better business results.


As uncertainty rises, and the impacts to the business are more permanent, it is important that businesses are proactive in assessing their capability to withstand disruption, and the options they have to identify, and respond to, potential opportunities. The need of the hour is for a cloud based collaborative planning platform that will allow you to model scenarios, plan for mitigation while assessing different alternative approaches and make informed decisions.

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