Global Capability Centers (GCC) & Start-ups

A symbiotic relationship when established can generate mutual growth 

By Gaurav Gupta, Partner, Deloitte India and Keerthi Kumar, Partner, Deloitte India

We are all witnessing the startup story unfold in India―how India has emerged to be the third largest startup ecosystem in the world and attained the highest growth in deep tech startups that is particularly of interest across sectors given the slow but steady adoption rate; and, with over 8000 B2B startups, this number is growing as we speak.

A quick glance at the GCC landscape in India will tell us that we hold the lion’s share of over 50 percent of the centres located in India. About 40 percent of the 1400+ GCCs in India are R&D centres, and about 50 percent of the new GCCs set up in the last five years are digital and R&D centres. GCCs have come a long way from being back-office centres and the engine room of an enterprise and emerged as the microcosm of the parent organisation. The GCC ecosystem is also going through a metamorphosis by adding strands of thinkers and influencers in their DNA which historically have been doers and optimisers.

Why are we specifically talking about these two players, and what symbiotic relationship is possible between the two? What benefits can they reap, and what does it mean to our country? The first reaction to these questions reminds the authors of the African philosophy, “Ubuntu—I’m because we are.”

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