Social response to COVID-19

Roadmap to recovery through development and CSR initiatives

The knowledge paper lays out a roadmap to recovery in a post-COVID-19 world, through development and CSR initiatives. The entire country in March 2020 underwent a total lockdown due to COVID-19, leading to loss of livelihoods for millions and disrupted supply chains and services. While there has been broader economic implications of COVID-19 on the GDP, the spread of the disease has also impacted various social dimensions and disrupted fragile local ecosystems.

Executive summary

As a measure to contain the virus, India declared a lockdown on 24 March for 1.3 billion people with the prime minister calling for joint action by people, not-forprofits, corporates, and governments.

The complete lockdown in the country severely impacted the quality of life and livelihoods of people. It is estimated that an additional 104 million people could fall in the below-poverty-line category, taking the overall count to 916 million.

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