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Conversational chatbots

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Chatbots may not be the only definitive answer for improving customer service, but they can go far to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of a company’s customer service function.

Chatbots are computer programs that maintain a conversation with a user in natural language, understand the user’s intent and send responses based on the organization’s business rules and data. These chatbots use artificial intelligence to process language, enabling them to understand human speech. They can decipher verbal or written questions and provide responses with appropriate information or direction. Many customers first experienced chatbots through dialogue boxes on company websites. Chatbots also interact verbally with consumers, such as Siri on the Apple iPhone or Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service. Chatbots are now increasingly being used by businesses to augment their customer service.

Chat bots may disrupt the way we interact within our organization’s (employees), and with our customers/suppliers. Now is the time to start to harness this technology–so let's chat!

Conversational chatbots
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