Transfer Pricing in India

Searching for stability in uncertain times

Tax authorities worldwide are attacking transfer pricing methodologies with increasing frequency. India, being no exception to this phenomenon, has infact seen a surge of transfer pricing audits, both in terms of the percentage of cases suffering transfer pricing adjustments as well as the quantum of adjustments. As a critical issue, transfer pricing, therefore, requires an effective solution.

Advance Pricing Agreement (APA) Programme of India - Annual Report (2016-17)

CBDT has issued its first annual report on the APA programme in India. It gives us a numeric, so far not in the public domain, on the APA programme in India covering 5 APA cycles from FY 2012-13 to 2016-17. Many of these data were available to us from time-to-time, but the Annual Report brings a holistic view of that.

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Today multinationals are operating in an environment of unprecedented complexity. With the escalating volume and varied nature of intercompany transactions and transfer pricing regimes, it comes as no surprise that transfer pricing is perceived as the most significant issue being faced by global businesses.

At Deloitte, we have a team of tax/transfer pricing professionals who can provide tailored advice and assist you in navigating through the ‘transfer pricing storm’.

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