Tax analytics

Tax analytics has quickly emerged as a mind-set change from “what I need to do” to “what I need to know,” using more granular enterprise data as the foundation for tax decisions.

Deloitte can help companies establish a tax analytics strategy and deeper fact-based decision making processes to gain insights. Given below is the list of our Tax Analytics offerings:

  • Indirect Tax – Current/Historic 
  • Indirect Tax – GST Solution suite 
  1. GST Analyzer 
  2. GST Bolt-on 
  3. GST Bolt-on++ 
  4. GST e-Learning 
  5. e-waybill software
  6. Anti-Profiteering model
  • Direct Tax – Form 26AS 
  • Direct Tax – Withholding Tax Calculator 
  • BEPS Toolkit 
  1. BEPS Assessor 
  2. PE Risk Assessor 
  3. DEMPE Risk Assessor 
  4. POEM Risk Assessor 
  5. CbC Reporting 
  • CFO/Tax Heads Dashboard 
  • Litigation Workflow Management – Direct Tax 
  • Litigation Workflow Management – Indirect Tax 
  • GES 
  1. Cost Projection 
  2. BTA