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Deloitte Tax + Tech podcast series

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Tax technology advances so rapidly it can be hard to keep up. The Deloitte Tax + Tech podcast series navigates the tax technology landscape through conversations with Deloitte leaders to help you chart your tax department’s digital future.

Tax and the future of work: What will your tax department look like?

Emily VanVleet and Jeff Butt

The tax department of today will likely be unrecognizable tomorrow. As digital tax transformation expands into robotics, machine learning, and other cognitive tools, technology is also reshaping the tax workforce. Exploring what you can expect for the future of your tax department, Deloitte Tax LLP partner Emily VanVleet chats with Deloitte Canada senior manager Jeff Butt in this episode about the skills that will be needed by the workforce of the future, the strategic questions you need to consider as you plan for your digital future, and a number of other actionable tax insights.

The human dimension is critical to grasping this idea of Power of With. It is not just enough to implement the best technologies in the world. In order to really optimize them, you need to consider and plan for the impact to your talent.

—Jeff Butt

Migration to SAP S/4HANA: A rare opportunity for tax

Emily VanVleet and Scott Shafer

The next generation of ERP platforms is here. Deloitte Tax LLP partner Emily VanVleet and Deloitte Global SAP Tax Alliance leader and Deloitte Tax LLP Partner Scott Shafer break down the current and future state of tax functionality in the SAP environment, and why there’s a potentialhuge opportunity for tax to make its mark on the upcoming migration.

As we layer in some of the tax value proposition components … it really raises the visibility of tax. Tax becomes a real critical part of the company’s overall business case and we have seen that typically be one of the top components of the business case, if not the top component of a business case.

—Scott Shafer

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