Connected Small Business - Unlocking India’s digital potential

Latest report by Deloitte - Google

The report has been prepared for the purpose of analysing the economic benefits of digital technologies amongst small to medium Indian businesses.

Digitally engaged small to medium businesses (SMB) in India can reap huge digital dividends. Moving from offline to advanced digital engagement could see revenue growth up to 27 percentage points higher for individual SMBs. Despite the benefits, two thirds of Indian SMBs are currently missing out by not engaging with digital technologies.

Specifically, compared to offline SMBs, Indian SMBs with higher digital engagement:

• Are more successful businesses, experiencing revenue growth up to 27 percentage points higher in
the previous year.
• Are job creators, up to 84% more likely to increase employment.
• Are exporters, up to 65% more likely to access international markets.
• Are innovators, up to 4.5 times more likely to offer new products or implement major changes in the way they do business.
• Have more satisfied employees, being up to 6 times more likely to have higher levels of employee job satisfaction.
• Have increased employee collaboration, up to nine times more likely to have frequent collaboration between employees.

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Kamlesh Dixit

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