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Connecting the next billion

Propelling towards $5T economy

“Connecting the next billion” is aiming at the next billion users, incumbent Telco’s, Product companies, OEM’s, Handsets and other Mobile, the Internet, and Technology players are finding new ways to rethink their product lines and competition. Government of India programs such Digital India, Skill India, Make in India, Start Up programs, Smart Cities, State fibre grid projects, E waste adaption, Smart Grid implementation, IoT initiatives, E-Health programs, Digital Classroom has opened unlimited opportunities. IMC 2017 is presented to each one of you as a platform to capture the number’s opportunity.

This edition of IMC 2017 would bring in an environment for participation of more than 150 companies from all key stakeholders including the industry, academia and governments from across the world, 160 plus speakers from across the globe, Keynotes session from best of the best International speakers and thought leaders, product launches, attracting 5000 delegates, and 50,000 footfalls for the Conference and exhibition.

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