Data Science Transforming the ICT domain

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a sector has seen a phenomenal growth in the past decade. These companies have access to a great amount of data generated by digital footprints left behind by customers which is increasing exponentially. ICT as a sector has gone an overhaul due to this boom of data generation. Data storage capacity of devices across the globe to store and receive data over network and compute has increased more than ten-folds in a very short duration. All this has driven adoption of new ICT technologies like Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, etc. This certainly demonstrates the emergence of Data Science to convert data into business insights.

The credit for optimization achieved by these technologies in managing data using distributed storage and computation capabilities goes to advancement in Data Science and its close relationship to developments in the ICT Sector. The collaboration between industry and academics has been a driving force behind the exponential rise in the usage of ICT devices. Both these technologies, Data Science and ICT, have formed an interdependence which helps both these domains to aid development.

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