Rise of On-demand Content


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Rise of On-demand Content

Deloitte's point of view about the rise of On-demand Content consumption through digital platforms in India

On-demand Content Ecosystem

India has the largest young population in the world which is driving the digital media consumption in India. Internet traffic in India is being driven by mobile internet users. The major reason for this will be the availability cost efficient smartphones in India, improving 3G and 4G internet coverage and fast reducing data prices. This has given rise to the demand for on-demand digital entertainment services like audio and video streaming. However, monetization models for these services are still evolving. Ecosystem players are struggling to identify the correct models that can be scaled and are experimenting with various levers like price points, value offerings and mixed model approaches to arrive at the most feasible option. Leading digital media players have adopted hybrid models where they provide a lot of content free of cost but charge for their premium content.

Indian Internet users by device type

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