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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India

What is the Deloitte Technology Fast 50?

The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 is a program that ranks 50 fast growing technology companies, public or private, based on percentage revenue growth over three years and includes all related industry sectors - communications, media, software, hardware, life sciences and healthcare, and clean energy.

Who should apply?

Private companies, as well as public companies traded via over-the-counter exchanges.

Public companies listed on the BSE, NSE or other stock exchanges are encouraged to complete the application form or confirm their inclusion in the research/application process with the National Fast 50 team at

What do you disclose?

The ranking discloses percentage revenue growth. Revenue will never be disclosed, however participants are required to provide revenue numbers to Deloitte.

Is there an application fee?


Are revenues published?

No. The Fast 50 ranking discloses percentage revenue growth, not revenue.

When is the deadline to apply?

The application period for the 2022 program runs from 2 September through 7 October 2022. 

Does the application form have to be completed online?


How do I nominate my company for Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India?

For more information on the online nomination process, visit the nomination page or contact us page for further queries.

How is percentage growth calculated?

[(FY'18 revenue – FY'16 revenue) / FY'16 revenue] x 100 = percentage growth

How does the program determine winners?

Our Technology Fast 50 winners are ranked based on percentage revenue growth for three years.

Our Deloitte team will check the submitted data of the company’s operating revenues as disclosed in their financial statements, which are provided during the nomination process. Deloitte does not audit nor does it analyze the companies’ financial standings.

What is proprietary technology?

The proprietary technology statement should be a detailed description of your technology product or service and how your customers use it. Often times, companies can leverage this information from materials that have already been developed (i.e., product brochure). The statement should be in either Word or PDF format. Additional information regarding applicant's revenue and proprietary technology may be requested.

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