Indian Tower Industry

The Future Is Data

The Indian telecom industry has undergone a transformational change in the last decade. Mobile operators successfully adopted innovative models to sustain growth followed by focus on operational prudence in recent years. The tower industry has been a key enabler for such models by allowing sharing of infrastructure along with operational excellence.

In this report, a rounded point of view is provided on the return of stability in the Indian tower industry. Inspired by the impetus coming through the exploding data usage and rollout of next generation data networks (3G/4G rollout), the report tries to assess the new business models and technologies such as in-building solutions, small-cell and Wi-Fi offloading that the tower companies will adopt for this second wave of growth.

While focusing on the growth journey, the report captures the key concerns and challenges that the tower industry might face. Site acquisition and rollout models will be a key area where tower companies will need to innovate to achieve their growth targets. Development of smart ultra-light sites and their deployment on city infrastructure in tie-up with municipal corporations and civic bodies will be key to achieve street level coverage. The report also brings out the expectations and key concerns of the Indian tower industry from tax perspective.

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