Opportunities in Telecom Sector

Arising from Big Data

With the growth of technology, big data will become crucial to understand customer, business and the industry itself. Data analytics is becoming an integral part of every business.

Crystal ball of big data can help Telco’s see a clear picture in real time as well as act on it too. This white paper is an attempt to put various use cases to develop action plan and formulate guidelines for managing ongoing challenges in telecommunication.

The telecom and technology companies have been using legacy analytics for years, however, the full potential is yet to be realized by leveraging on the huge amount of data that is generated every day from social networks, search engines, government portals, online businesses and other applications through real-time predictive analytics. The advanced analytics solutions can provide insights which can help in creating new business models and launch innovative products and services. By leveraging its own data and combining the data of different sources, telecom operators can gain deeper understanding of their customer interaction, product performance, and churn and thus can improve upon the customer experience and value addition. Telecom companies can use these insights to help other industries such as agriculture, healthcare, education to name a few.

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