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Security and privacy in the digital world

Report by Deloitte and CII, November 2017

Cyber security has become the backbone of the Government, industries and enterprises now. Geographical distances or political boundaries do not matter because cyber-attacks can be launched from any corner of the world. With the move towards a digital economy, increasing amount of consumer and citizen data will be stored digitally and a large number of transactions will be carried out online, by companies, individuals as well as government departments. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the limited awareness of the impact and importance of cyber security currently.

In 2017 and beyond, most enterprises in India would embark on digital transformation programs in order to fine tune existing business and operational efficiencies, improve productivity and performance, and enhance reliability. The new digital business environment comes with unprecedented risks that go beyond IT operations, encompassing the enterprise, partners, in fact its entire supply chain and ecosystem. More and more organizations are now using or offering technological services through means beyond their control (for example use of public cloud).

These are exciting times for all stakeholders of the digital ecosystem. The organizations which embrace the change and adopt measures to ensure security of data will be better placed for the future. All stakeholders of the digital ecosystem (individuals, organizations and government) need to build security as an integral part of their DNA. The need of the hour is for a cohesive approach to build a secure ecosystem which facilitates business growth and enhances customer experience.

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