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Tech Trends 2019

How can we sense and act upon a future that remains unclear? The good news is that much of the technology-driven disruption that each of us experiences today—and will likely experience going forward—is understandable and knowable. 

Beyond the digital frontier

Emerging technology trends can seem both elusive and ephemeral, but some become integral to business and IT strategies—and form the backbone of tomorrow’s technology innovation. The eight chapters of Tech Trends 2019 look to guide CIOs through today’s most promising trends, with an eye toward innovation and growth and a spotlight on emerging trends that may well offer new avenues for pursuing strategic ambitions.


Introduction: Beyond the digital frontier It is no longer sufficient to embrace innovations and trends that are already underway. To stay ahead, companies must work methodically to sense new possibilities that exist far beyond the digital frontier.
Macro technology forces at work: Technology trends past, present, and future Nine technological forces—the backbone of tech innovation past and present—make it possible for organizations to drive purposeful, transformational change. Understanding how they function, together and separately, is key.
AI-fueled organizations: Reaching AI’s full potential in the enterprise As AI technologies standardize across industries, becoming an AI-fueled organization will likely be table stakes for survival. And that means rethinking the way humans and machines interact within working environments.
NoOps in a serverless world: Shift IT’s focus from operations to outcomes ​The hyper-automation of cloud computing has created a NoOps environment where software and software-defined hardware are provisioned dynamically, setting talent free to transition into new roles and help drive business outcomes.
Connectivity of tomorrow: The spectrum and potential of advanced networking ​Advanced networking is the unsung hero of our digital future, offering a continuum of connectivity that can drive development of new products and services, transform inefficient operating models, and make digital transformation possible.
Intelligent interfaces: Reimagining the way humans, machines, and data interact Combining human-centered design techniques with leading-edge technologies, new interfaces are moving from keyboards to touchscreens, voice commands, and beyond, transforming the way we engage with machines, data, and each other.
Beyond marketing: Experience reimagined - CMOs and CIOs partnering to elevate the human experience In the new world of marketing—personalized, contextualized, and dynamic—CMOs are partnering with their technology organizations to bring control of the human experience back in house, with a fresh arsenal of experience-focused marketing tools.
DevSecOps and the cyber imperative: Elevating, embedding, and evolving your risk response To enhance their approaches to cyber and other risks, organizations are embedding security, privacy, policy, and controls into their DevOps culture and processes, enabling the entire IT organization to share responsibility for security.
Beyond the digital frontier: Mapping your future - Digital transformation demystified Digital transformation promises a triumphant response to the pressures and potential of disruptive change. But to make it concrete, achievable, and measurable, organizations need to look at broader trends—and a variety of technology advances.
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