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India Predictions 2018

TMT India Predictions 2018 report

Deloitte India's 8th edition of TMT India Predictions reflects the evolution of the three sectors—Technology, Media, and Telecommunications.

The technology, media and telecommunications sectors remain as fascinating as ever in 2018. Many milestones will be reached this year. Progress will be exponential in some fields. But in other areas the way in which we live and work may shift imperceptibly.
Technology’s progress can seem daunting at times: reports of technological advances’ negative impacts abound, disseminated at the speed of light by ever faster networks. Machines are perceived by some as  threats to the human race: they are stronger, faster, more responsive and even better at playing board games. Are our jobs and way of life at stake or is this the start of one of the greatest enhancements to the human experience?

Machine learning (ML), a core element of artificial intelligence, will progress at a phenomenal pace this year. But this will be from a low base. As impressive as it is today, in 50 years’ time the ML abilities of 2018 will be considered baby steps in the history of this technology. ML is being deployed to make existing technology work better and augment services for customers, but in 2018 almost none of it is replacing human labor.

Indeed, technology remains a human creation with (for better and worse) human traits – the point at which it attains autonomy from human control is far away. Sentient machines still only exist within science fiction, at present.

Technology is leaping forward, but humans hold the reins. It is being applied for the betterment of people, not their belittling. Technology empowers people to consume content where, when and with (or without) whom they want. Despite this technology-given capability, people will choose to spend over half a trillion dollars in 2018 on consuming content live, often with other people and not on-demand.

TMT India Predictions 2018
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