Technology, Media, and Telecommunications - Predictions 2022

India Edition

In last year’s TMT Predictions report, we called COVID-19 a catalyst for the trends we were seeing in the TMT industry. Now, nearly two years in, we still can’t escape its impact. But we do expect that 2022 will be about far more than recovering from the pandemic.

Some of this year’s predictions are cautionary. The tech industry has continued to make progress in women’s workforce representation, but sustaining this may take redoubled effort. Men and boys will likely continue to read fewer books than women and girls, with implications for academic achievement and social skills. And stricter AI regulations may be on the horizon, with the potential for restricting or even banning some AI applications.

We hope this year’s edition of TMT Predictions both reflects the world we now live in and illuminates the world to come.

Big bets on smartphones, semiconductors, and streaming service - Deloitte’s 2022 TMT Predictions for India | Press release

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