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Activating Digital Mindset

Workshop by Deloitte Digital

About the event

As organizations globally undertake their digital transformation journeys, a key realization has been that just ‘doing’ digital things (products, apps, etc.) is not enabling them ‘become truly’ digital. A workforce that doesn’t have the right mind-set is a key constraint to operate effectively in this rapidly evolving digital environment.  Resilience in the face of disruptions, agility in execution, embracing risk taking and empathy to customer needs are some of the key traits that leaders need to imbibe to make the transformation to digital truly successful.

The Digital Mind-set Activation is designed as a unique, integrated intervention to develop a new generation of leaders who are keen on developing a digital ecosystem in their organizations. This intervention aims to equip them with concepts, capabilities and an outlook necessary to survive in the exponentially changing world. Through the Digital Minds-set Activation workshop, we aim to:

  • Change the game: understand the new world of digital
  • Lead the change: activate our collective leadership to thrive in a digital future
  • Build confidence: practice the digital mindset in exploring new ways to solve problems

The leader’s ability to drive a mind-set and behavioral shift serves as the cornerstone for enabling this transformation, which is a three step process:

Cognitive Transformation (Think differently):

  • Conceptualising possibilities in a virtual world
  • Handling ever-increasing cognitive complexity
  • Thinking divergently about new ways of doing things
  • Making decisions quickly without all of the information

Behavioural Transformation (Act differently):

  • Adapting to constantly shifting power and influence
  • Collaborating with ease across many different teams
  • Valuing the contribution of new work partners and different interest groups
  • Investing huge amounts of energy into getting things right; try, fail, try again

Emotional Transformation (React differently):

  • Tolerating an environment of risk and ambiguity
  • Showing resilience in the face of constant change
  • Being brave in challenging how things are being done
  • Having the confidence to take the lead in driving change

By enabling this mind-set shift and embracing the digital concepts and capabilities (design thinking, personas, value propositions, and rapid prototyping), the workshop aims to solve real business issues to deliver business outcome and make ‘Digital’ a way of life at organizations. 

Date: 6 October 2017

Time: 4:00-8:00 p.m. (workshop followed by dinner)

Location: Deloitte Digital Studio, Fairmont Level 1, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai–400076