Digital Transformation

Workshop by Deloitte Digital

About the event

Digital is a new era of business, a stepping stone in the evolution of the world enabled by the exponential use of technology. Across industries and markets, organizations are seized by an imperative to transform, yet most still struggle to grasp the full impact of the digital era and deliver transformation initiatives. We help our clients rapidly adapt and gain advantage in this digital era by elevating customer experiences and creating new products, services and ecosystems, and business models.

For organizations to succeed, we believe that they need to consider three key aspects:

Focus on humans and not just technology: Human behaviour is the fundamental economic gear of every business. Identify which behaviours to drive for creating the greatest return.

Find opportunities at the intersections: To find the future of your business, look for unexpected intersections; between disciplines and competencies, across departments, between industries, and through partnerships that span markets and geographies.

‘Get it out’ beats ‘Get it right’: Succeed faster via a cadence of rapidly delivering minimally viable interactions into the market, and learning from the feedback you obtain for each subsequent iteration.

Conventional strategies are not adequate in the digital era. Our foundation of industry and business knowledge provides the context necessary to build digital solutions that can guide the evolution of our clients’ business and the industry itself. By leveraging our firm-wide expertise, we have built a framework to provide guidance to our clients and take them through their transformational journey to ‘See differently, Think differently and Do differently’.

Our experience with transformation programs has shown us that certain behaviours, attitudes, and actions by clients can make the difference between a successful market launch, and another shelved initiative. These primarily include leadership mandate, broadness of vision, openness to change, sustained commitment, a dedicated and co-located team, and an inspiring environment.

We know the journey isn’t a simple one; but we can make it easy for you! Attend our session and witness the power of digital transformation in action to achieve your organisation’s business ambition.

Date: 25 October 2017

Time: 3:30 p.m. (workshop followed by dinner)

Location: Trident Hotel, Bandra Kurla, C 56, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai-400098