Anthony Crasto

Partner, Risk Advisory

Anthony Crasto

Indiabulls Finance Centre

Tower 3, 4th & 24th-32nd floors,





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Anthony is a Partner in the Risk Advisory practice for Deloitte India.

With over 24 years of post-qualification experience as a professional consultant across India and international markets, he currently leads the Accounting & Internal Controls Practice for Deloitte India. As a risk consulting expert, his interest lies in internal audit, business process and control transformation, internal financial controls, SOX compliance and enterprise risk management.

Overall, he possesses significant industry experience spanning across sectors including large engagements in the E&R (mining, power, metal, and energy), FMCG/consumer business and industrial markets (cement, pharmaceuticals, automotive and engineering).

As a part of his career, he has worked with large Indian and Global businesses in improving their governance and strategic risk reporting structures, business process and control environment, and providing risk advisory solutions.

Anthony Crasto