Anil K. Jain

Partner, Consulting, Deloitte India

Anil K. Jain

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Anil K. Jain is a Partner in Deloitte India and currently leads the Technology Strategy and Transformation practice. He has over 29 years of consulting experience in both public and private sectors covering a wide range of areas including eGovernance, public finance, utilities, health and home land security sectors.

He has extensive experience in areas such as eGovernance strategies and plans, business process re-engineering, systems review, capacity building, RFP preparation, bid process management, information system and solution design, programme management, monitoring and evaluation for a number of organisations in India and overseas.

Anil has led a large number of national & international projects in public sector at the central, state and local government levels, several of them funded by the multi-lateral funding agencies in countries including India, Nepal, Mauritius, South Africa, Namibia and Kenya. He has worked in more than 15 states within India.

Anil has established himself as someone who has deep conceptual understanding of government bodies and their processes and how governments must connect with citizens and businesses so as to bring about better governance. Over the years Anil has successfully led over 75 assignments for public sector entities besides many others for parastatal bodies and corporate enterprises. He has worked on a large variety of sectors/domains including Finance, Land Administration, Police, Prisons, Health, Food Processing, Agriculture, Rural Development, Local Government, etc.

Anil K. Jain