Vinay Prabhakar

Partner | Alliances & Ecosystems

Vinay Prabhakar

Indiabulls Finance Centre

Tower 3, 4th & 24th-32nd floors,





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Vinay Prabhakar is a Partner and leads Alliances & Ecosystems for Deloitte India. As the Alliance leader, Vinay is responsible for building strong relationships with several Partners & creating a joint go-to-market strategy. He comes with about 20 years of experience in the consulting industry.

He is responsible for building customized solutions and guiding clients through the tech stack. He along with the alliance teams helps imagine, deliver and run the solution.

He brings extensive global experience, spanning across multiple regions including Asia Pacific, Middle East, UK, North and South America. He has led multiple Business transformation-led ERP implementations for clients across the region and sectors. 

Vinay has a degree in Mechanical Engineering & an MBA in operations management from the University Of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Vinay Prabhakar