Hannah Edinger

Hannah Edinger is an Associate Director at Deloitte Africa were she leads the Research and Thought Leadership team. She was formerly a Director at Frontier Advisory where she headed up the Research & Strategy division, prior to the firm being acquired by Deloitte in September 2015 to form Frontier Advisory Deloitte. She has led various projects conducting macroeconomic, socio-political and business environment research on a number of African and other emerging markets for major listed companies, multinationals, state-owned enterprises, NGOs, development organisations and different tiers of governments. She has also assisted South African companies on their internationalisation strategies into Africa and Asia, as well as international companies and organisations on their expansion strategies into the region. Her sector exposure has spanned across industries including mining, agriculture, trade, manufacturing & industry, infrastructure & construction, water, financial services, ICT, power, energy and retail. Thematic areas of her client engagements have included China-Africa Relations, BRICS-Africa Relations, Global Macroeconomics and Socio-Politics, National Competitiveness including Economic Diversification, Industrialisation and Clustering, Africa Expansion and Market Entry Strategies, BRICS Engagement Strategies, Investment and Export Promotion Strategies, Risk Analysis and Mitigation Strategies, Women Empowerment and Women Leadership; and Foreign Commercial Policy and Economic Diplomacy. Hannah has authored and edited various articles, book chapters and publications. She regularly travels, presents and lectures across four continents. She is also visiting faculty at the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Hannah holds a BComm degree, BComm Honours in Economics (cum laude) and a Masters of Commerce in Economics (cum laude) from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

hedinger@deloitte.com | +2711 304 5463