Carolyn Lawrence

Carolyn Lawrence is dedicated to advancing gender equality in the workforce and, as a mother to a boy, was keen to open the aperture on the conversation to include men. In 2019, Lawrence was appointed as the inclusion leader for Deloitte Global after more than three years as gender diversity & inclusion leader in Deloitte Canada’s Human Capital Consulting practice. She continues to support the Canadian firm’s inclusion strategy, provides advice to clients, and strives to convene the market on leading thoughts to further progress. She also has 10 years of experience as president and CEO of a Canadian women’s advancement business in events, media, courses, and consulting, where she was deeply committed to understanding and listening to women who aspire to leadership roles and working with clients who want to both attract and retain female talent, as well as market to influential and affluent women. Prior to that, Lawrence worked in the financial services industry, and therefore brings an appreciation for corporate culture and business mandates.