Creating change in government overview

Rapid, positive large-scale change is possible in government organizations. Explore ways to harness employees’ ingenuity, passion, and organizational ties to make change happen.

NGGW Issue 1 cover with text_kwIntroduction: The dreaded “c” word

By Tiffany Fishman

Positive, large-scale change in government is possible if you view the workforce through a different lens. Take a fresh look, and you’ll discover some surprising ways to make government more effective.

Intrapreneurship in government: Making it work

By Elizabeth Arnold and Shani Magia

Intrapreneurs are employees who don’t let bureaucratic barriers stop them from driving constructive change. Here are some strategies that successful intrapreneurs employ to make a difference in government, plus a look at how some of the best leaders foster intrapreneurship in their organizations.

The secret to successful change

By William D. Eggers and Chip Heath

Successful change involves resolving political leadership’s and the bureaucracy’s different appetites for change.

What Darwin can teach government: Harnessing “positive deviants” to help solve vexing problems within your organization

By Emily Malina and Kara Shuler

Like a species, a workforce can go through an evolutionary process, driven by individuals with unusual but favorable behaviors on the far right of the normal distribution—“positive deviants.” Over time, organizations can nurture positively deviant behavior to overcome systemic challenges.