Behavioral economics and Business Chemistry: You had me at hello February 21 | 3:00 pm ET

Private Companies

Host: Bob Rosone, managing director, Deloitte USA LLP
1 overview CPE credit

Psychologists and researchers often try to group and understand individuals based on personality traits. Can private company sales executives and relationship managers use similar techniques to understand decision makers' work styles and subsequently influence client decisions? We'll discuss:

  • Extending Business Chemistry concepts into marketing and sales.
  • How salespersons and relationship managers can use behavioral factors and contextual cues in a client relationship to identify the client's probable Business Chemistry type.
  • Likely cognitive biases of each Business Chemistry type.
  • Tailoring interaction styles, message delivery, and proposed solutions to a client's spoken and unspoken objectives.

Participants will explore how understanding behavioral economics and Business Chemistry can support effective client relationships and meaningful solutions.