Finance transformation and support 

As any CFO who has undertaken finance transformation knows, it is difficult and
time-consuming. It requires careful planning and resources, and can be costly,
especially without the relevant planning. But finance transformation is also
critical if finance is to keep up with the changing needs and strategies of the

Deloitte helps finance leaders address the most critical priorities in enabling the
finance function to support and create value for the business — from
establishing finance as a trusted partner to the business to developing a
high-performance operating model, improving core processes, and managing
ongoing performance. Through our finance transformation assurance capability,
we provide assurance where needed the most.

Key assistance areas include: 

Policies and procedures

We work with our clients to shape policies and procedures by structuring activities and approaches to reach strategic objectives in an efficient manner and in accordance with framework requirements.

Close process improvement

By leveraging our deep accounting and internal controls expertise, we provide
organisations with tailored support on a range of close process matters. This
includes supporting with accelerating financial close processes, preparing more
robust and reliable financial information, or making better use of technology.
We have the right experience to bring value across all aspects of the close,
consolidation and reporting process.

Finance diagnostic services

We help finance functions to deliver more. We diagnose the root causes and assist in the resolution of issues facing the finance functions of organisations. We can also bring value through the assessment of current finance capabilities and goal setting for future performance – based on an organisation’s own assessment.

Finance support

We have a breadth of experience within the team which allows us to support on a wide range of finance related matters. We can provide skilled finance team members on a secondment basis, team-based support to address identified finance issues, and work flexibly to augment existing finance team capability and capacity.

Chart of accounts development

We understand how information flows through an organisation – how it needs to be captured, reconciled and reported. We use this knowledge to help you design the appropriate COA segments and hierarchies, irrespective of the system, to deliver on desired business outcomes.

Without a strong voice finance may end up with an “off the shelf” COA without gaining the benefits of uplift from a new system. We advocate for finance in order to structure the data going into the box to deliver the reporting outcomes you need

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