Benefits of working at Deloitte

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World-class organization; world-class benefits

There are many benefits that come with working for Deloitte.

Deloitte Middle East appreciates good work and talent, and this is reflected not only in your salary package but also through variable awards and benefits. We have a array of benefits and awards and below is a list of our package:

Health care benefits

As a full time employee, you will be covered under the medical insurance scheme that is provided by the Firm and insurance company policies will prevail.

Employee referral program

Deloitte is committed to the recruitment of outstanding people. To assist in the achievement of this objective and to allow employees to share in the growth of the firm, the Firm will pay a referral fee to employees who introduce a candidate for recruitment who subsequently joins the firm as a result of the introduction.


The Rewards Program was built to recognize each and every Deloitte Middle East employee for living the Deloitte vision and demonstrating the role model behaviors and characteristics that drive our firm “To be the Standard of Excellence”.

part-time and flextime work arrangements 

As an Employer of Choice, the Firm aims to foster and promote an environment that accommodates different needs during the career of its employees. The Firm supports part-time and flextime work arrangements to allow employees the opportunity to balance business demands with their personal needs.

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