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Deloitte Middle East’s new hybrid working model gives our people the flexibility and choice of where, and how they work in line with the firm, the client commitment and team needs while creating the best environment for them to thrive and make an impact that matters.

Our approach to hybrid to serve clients is driven by four key principles:

People centric

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Client focused

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Powered by inclusion and wellbeing

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Driven to achieve climate goals

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How does HybridWorks?

HybridWorks optimizes the combination of virtual experiences and coming together through intentional in-person moments, based on firmwide common guiding principles. This hybrid working model offers flexibility and agile working practices and promotes being intentional about meeting in person for moments that matter for client service, innovation, connecting and collaborating with clients and teams, while facilitating personal growth, development, and wellbeing. 

A flexible approach to returning to the office:


At Deloitte, we believe the future of work will be more productive and provide an enhanced experience for our people and our clients. The Deloitte approach to hybrid puts trust in our people to manage the actual day to day balance of where work is done to meet the needs of their clients.

Working together, we can and will provide a different and improved working experience; one that is rich with deep personal connections, meaningful client interactions and one that reinforces our inclusive culture.

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