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Work experience

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As a world-class organization Deloitte demands excellence across the board, but the upside of the hard work to achieve our standards is the stimulation you’ll feel as you stretch and reinforce your personal abilities and grow in stature and confidence.

As a new graduate you’ll get real responsibility with clients within only a few weeks of joining, together with all the support and guidance you’d expect from your team. Within a short time, you’ll be helping to support and train new graduates, offering them your advice and guidance as they embark on their own careers. 

When you join Deloitte you can make a change from day one. By taking an active role in our community activities like Impact Day, you will get to see firsthand how your involvement helps to provide education and care to children and society. As a world-class organization Deloitte demands excellence across the board, but the upside of the hard work to achieve our standards is the stimulation you’ll feel as you stretch and reinforce your personal abilities and grow in stature and confidence. It sounds like hard work, and it is, but it’s also rewarding. 

We are committed to providing you with substantial support for your learning and development and to making Deloitte a place to accelerate your career.


D.Start (Onboarding program)

With your job offer in hand, you can look forward to a warm welcome from day one.

Deloitte Start (D.start) - As you begin your journey at Deloitte Middle East, you will go through a six months onboarding experience and discover how to make an impact that matters to our clients, society and talent.


Ahlan (Welcome)

Helping you develop

Performance Experience

You want to make an impact. And we want you to make it. RPM (Reinventing performance management), is designed to provide our people a better career experience. It is based on regular, future-focused conversations about your performance and development which will help you to always know where you stand throughout the year.

RPM will provide a culture of opportunity and growth, and make the performance management an agile and dynamic experience for our people. 

Helping you develop

Learning and growth

The business world changes quickly. To stay ahead, we invest in our people. Our learning and growth curriculum goes above and beyond earning professional designations and certifications. Our offerings include: technology training, negotiation and presentation skills, time management, leadership development and more.

We make a significant investment in learning & growth opportunities for all our people every year, and we’re committed to continuing this investment in future years.


When it comes to state-of-the-art solutions, we practice what we preach. Some training is best delivered face-to-face, but sometimes it’s easier and more practical to learn at your own rate. So you’ll have access to over 120,000 e-learning courses that update you on the latest information and procedures within Deloitte. These courses are available 24 hours a day, giving you the flexibility of fitting learning around your lifestyle so that you’ll never have to miss an opportunity to live and grow.

Attracting, engaging, and developing diverse top talent and growing world class leaders is essential to achieving our aspiration to be the undisputed leader in professional services and the premier career destination. Focusing on creating a unique talent experience which is rooted in our purpose to make an impact that matters, and ensuring our people have the opportunity to perform and grow is a key priority. Deloitte offers a wide array of opportunities, both personal and professional. 

Career coaching

In any job the entrance phase is always the most daunting.

Your first step will never be one you take alone, you receive regular guidance and feedback on your day-to-day work from Team Leaders – but that’s just one piece of the puzzle. In order to effectively navigate your career over time, you need an advocate to help you analyze the big picture; you need a Career Coach.

At Deloitte, a Career Coach is assigned to each employee to help you identify and develop in your areas of strength, interpret performance trends across experiences, and advise you on professional development over the course of your career.

Enabling technology

Technology is an essential tool – one that’s critical to our success. Deloitte offers a wide range of platforms that will help you share knowledge, stay connected, network and communicate in a safe, organized manner (i.e. Skype for business, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, etc.).

We will also equip you with your own laptop to provide 24-hour access to our networks from anywhere. And our software, hardware and networks are upgraded regularly so technology is not a barrier to achieving excellence.

You’ll also receive support for any further education you decide to undertake. We encourage and support these activities in various ways, such as providing time during paid workdays for taking exams, offering financial support and, in some cases, providing incentives to continue your education.

Helping you excel through education ensures not only your personal development but that of the firm, forming part of Deloitte’s purpose to Make an Impact that matters.

Mentorship Program

Mentoring at Deloitte has a strategic focus in making an impact that matters and represents the firm’s commitment to grow our leadership pipeline, contribute to women advancement, and support succession planning.

Mentoring is a formal relationship that offers a structured process for the transmission of knowledge, guidance, and support relevant to work, career, or professional development. It is a 12- months relationship, where mentor and mentee work collaboratively, across the firm’s geographies and businesses, toward achievement of mutually defined goals that will develop a mentee’s skills, abilities, knowledge or thinking.

The firm has two mentoring programs:

Mentoring Program
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