Unlocking the eCommerce Potential

for Saudi Arabian SMEs in a Post-Covid World

COVID-19 has forever changed the brick-and-mortar landscape. Modern alternatives to traditional businesses such as eCommerce are now playing a pivotal role in providing organizations and their customers access to a new range of products and services through digital channels, while keeping up with the pace of the ever-evolving consumer behavior. This thought leadership showcases how SMEs can unlock their eCommerce potential.

About this Report

eCommerce has enabled organizations to sustain their operations despite the limitations and different confinement measures implemented by governments. In addition to the persistent efforts exercised by nations around the globe to foster eCommerce and address existing limitations, regulations encouraging the use of modern sales models such as Omni-Channel retail and Drop-Shipping are being constantly developed and put into operation.

This report explores:

  • How the shift in consumers behavior has favorede-Commerce and digital channels during and after the pandemic
  • Which international trends in e-Commerce are yet to enter the market in Saudi Arabia
  • How the evolvement of e-Commerce will affect the shopping experience in physical stores 
  • Which steps should small and medium enterprises (SMEs) undertake to progress in their eCommerce journey 
  • Which role can Deloitte Digital and Monsha’at play to support Saudi Arabian retailers and SMEs in their digital transformation journey

Monsha’at, with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Aramco, e-Commerce Council, and Deloitte, are actively addressing the online needs of SMEs by launching the National E-Commerce Platform (NEP). NEP establishes a solid ground for online platforms and creates a successful framework for existing and up-and-coming SMEs to follow. NEP’s objectives are to help with the growth of eCommerce in KSA and streamline the process of going digital for existing businesses.

Unlocking the eCommerce Potential for Saudi Arabian SMEs in a Post-Covid World
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