2014 Global Top Five Total Rewards Priorities Survey

Employers around the world continue to prioritize talent – finding it, motivating it, and retaining it

What total rewards issues are on the minds of employers from around the world? And what are employers concerned with today and in the years ahead? As the business landscape continues to become more globalized, the need to attract, engage, and retain top talent is a highly pressing issue.

Sponsored jointly by Deloitte, the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS), and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (International Foundation), the 2014 Global Top Five Total Rewards Priorities Survey suggests that employers around the world face similar challenges despite the different political and geographic climates in which they operate. Here is how the respondents from 22 different countries ranked the top five priorities for 20014:

  • Aligning total rewards with business strategy by attracting, motivating, and retaining employees
  • Costs of providing benefits to employees
  • Motivation staff when pay increases are flat or non-existent
  • Demonstrating appropriate return on investment for reward expenditures
  • Creating a rewards program that reflects the culture and goals of the organization
Global Top Five Total Rewards Priorities Survey
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