2017 Pharmaceutical R&D leader survey

Innovating to survive, collaborating to thrive

In an environment driven by scientific, regulatory and economic pressure, Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions’ first annual Pharmaceutical R&D leader survey gauges the current sentiment of R&D executives. Based on interviews with R&D leaders across a sample of big pharma organisations, the report identifies current priorities, future investment plans and key factors that are driving operational excellence.

Key findings

  • Drivers influencing R&D priorities include rapid shifts in regulatory and payer environments, particularly in the United States. Pressures to reduce time to market and re-evaluation of portfolio composition in light of competitor activities.
  • Game changing strategies to improve R&D: Exploiting big data and reducing the time to market were the two leading strategies. The utilisation of big data is anticipated to contribute to improving the speed and outcomes of clinical development, whilst in terms of reducing launch timelines, faster approval from some regulators is becoming possible based on the provision of new forms of evidence.
  • Partnerships and alliances: While clinical partnerships for design and the conducting of clinical trials remain important organisations will continue to seek scientific partnerships as well as digital, IT and data analysis alliances.
  • Patient centricity: Organisations are looking to engage patients earlier to better understand unmet needs impacting trial design, patient recruitment and resilience. Products and services that better meet patient needs and improve treatment regimens will receive higher acceptance by payers, providers and regulators.
  • Digital and technology transformation: As the data landscape within R&D is becoming more complex effectively managing data with regards to accessibility, security and costs is becoming critical.

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