Real Estate Predictions 2020


Real Estate Predictions 2020

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Deloitte's Real Estate Industry predictions, developed by Deloitte Netherlands, discusses the Real Estate trends for 2020 that will impact your business. Read about the effect of climate change on real estate, campus development, diversity & inclusion, and many more.

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The Real Estate Predictions are a global view on the future on Real Estate. Click on the button on the right to download the complete report which will include the 10 predictions below and two additional articles which have not been published yet

Real Estate Predictions 2020

Prediction 1 | The impact of climate change on the Real Estate sector

Fully aware of the responsibility they have on climate change and the impact this will have on their activities, the Real Estate and Construction players are firmly moving forward from a "plead guilty" position to a "solution maker" role. This results in multiple consequences and challenges.

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Prediction 2 | Blending the digital with the physical to augment tenant experience

Considering real estate (CRE) as just a physical space is a thing of the past. The industry is at an inflection point. Real estate tenants and end-user expectations are evolving continuously in terms of how they engage with their physical surroundings. Their expectations require companies to change their mindset and look at real estate as-a-service, which means creating an augmented and memorable experience with the physical space and moving away from a mere functional use. In this article, we will highlight the growing urgency for CRE owners, operators, and managers to prioritize the use of digital to amplify tenant and end-user experience.

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Prediction 2

Prediction 3 | Conversational AI is a game changer for real estate customer services and related ecosystems

The entire RE industry is facing significant changes as new technology, and various digital offerings change the way we live and work. This article is about the way forward how to level up to get you in shape for the digital future.

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Prediction 3

Prediction 4 | Campus development

At a time when the modern economy is knowledge-intensive and relies heavily on innovations, companies have become increasingly specialized and value chains became more complex. Campus development generates benefits for companies that want to innovate, grow and create a future-proof working environment. However, there is no blueprint for successful campus development.

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Prediction 4

Prediction 5 | Proptech on the move

Prediction 5 focuses on the state of Proptech, global trends and growth trajectory. It also takes a deeper look into the Israeli ecosystem, which is the home of more than 7,000 startups, and a rising hub for Proptech startups (currently over 100 companies).

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Prediction 5

Prediction 6 | Diversity & Inclusion

Traditionally, real estate has been a male-dominated industry, especially in key management positions. Although various efforts have been made to develop a more inclusive environment, there is still a gap that needs filling. It’s a situation that is gaining increasing visibility—as demonstrated by the 2019 publication of the book Managing Diversity & Inclusion in the Real Estate Sector, which focuses on unlocking the potential of diversity and inclusion (D&I) in the sector.

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Prediction 6

Prediction 7 | Real estate in 2020: the year climate change bears down on investment pricing

Nearly 35 years have passed since the publication of Our Common Future—otherwise known as the Brundtland Report—and its definition for sustainability: “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Roll the clock forward and sustainability—long time anathema to the world of real estate—is now on the verge of impacting sector values in a way that will redefine the market in the form of climate change risk.

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Prediction 7

Prediction 8 | Where and how will we live in 2040? Lessons from Brazil’s real estate market

Brazil is facing a series of trends that are affecting the real estate sector across the globe. From rapid urbanization to changing demographics, the challenges in Brazil’s real estate market can be seen in major markets everywhere. As such, an analysis of real estate in this increasingly robust market can offer valuable insights for the sector—insights that can help answer the all-important question, “Where and how will we live in in 20 years?”

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Prediction 8

Prediction 9 | Smart development of smart places

With cutting-edge technologies combining to make them a reality, smart places are the next generation of real estate development. Smart places have evolved from the sophisticated technologies that power smart homes and are now finding their way into offices, industrial areas, shopping centers, and public and residential buildings.

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Prediction 9

Prediction 10 | From workplaces to living environments

It goes without saying that you would design a building to include lightbulbs and doors, but how about voice-controlled lighting or desk sensors that track user behaviour in the workplace? Smart building technologies are here, and they will profoundly impact the future of work. However, the realisation of this future is impeded by people, property and technology factors. Further, building operators remain hesitant about costs and are often unable to justify the ROI of implementing smart workplace technologies.

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Prediction 10

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