Regulatory Response

Effective compliance remediation and recovery 

In a constantly changing regulatory environment, even the most diligent organizations can find themselves out of compliance. While a proactive approach to regulatory compliance is always preferable, sometime a reactive response is unavoidable. Deloitte’s Regulatory Response services help clients respond to specific breakdowns in their regulatory compliance programs. Engagements are often driven by actual—or prospective—regulatory censure and accordingly, Deloitte often works with its clients’ external counsel in performing these services.

We offer:

  • Regulatory Compliance Framework Failure Assessment and Gap Analysis – We help organizations assess the causes of the compliance breakdown and identify the gaps in policies, procedures, controls, and governance to be remediated.
  • Regulatory Compliance Framework Remediation Design and Implementation – We drive organizations to remediate regulatory compliance failures by developing and implementing remediation plans to address regulatory findings.
  • Regulatory Compliance Framework Failure Impact Assessment, Evaluation, and Response – We guide organizations’ efforts to assess and evaluate the impacts of compliance failures, including analysis through the use of data and analytics, and develop appropriate, targeted or whole-of-firm response strategies.

Deloitte named a global leader in Regulatory Compliance Program Consulting by ALM

ALM Intelligence named Deloitte as a global leader in Regulatory Compliance Program Consulting. In the report, entitled Regulatory Compliance Program Consulting 2017, ALM Intelligence highlights, “Deloitte is on the forefront of helping clients evolve and elevate the role of the chief compliance officer (CCO) and the compliance function in advancing the enterprise wide strategic goals and business objectives through the development of deeper integration and alignment between compliance and its internal and external stakeholders.”