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Deloitte Private

Private companies face a range of challenges that affect not only the success of the business enterprise, but also the professional and personal goals of their owners. Deloitte helps private companies, their owners, and individuals with substantial assets apart from businesses they operate to understand, plan and execute effective business and tax strategies — adjusting course when needed to respond appropriately to potential tax consequences of new legislation and evolving market conditions.

Family enterprise consulting

Family Enterprise Consulting is focused on delivering a fully integrated service offering to high net worth individuals and families in business. Our depth of experience, access to thought leadership and to the wider resources of global Deloitte, uniquely positions us as the leading provider of professional services to high net worth individuals and families.

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Deloitte Private

Income tax advisory and compliance services

Deloitte is experienced in addressing the complex relationships among the private business enterprise, its owners, family offices, and employees of the business enterprise or family office.

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Owner and family wealth planning

Our professionals assist private business owners in exploring the issues relevant to wealth preservation and the transmission of wealth to future generations. 

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International tax and estate consulting

We work closely with clients to resolve questions of tax residency and domicile and to assess the tax aspects of international investment opportunities.

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Family office services

We can assist with family office design and set-up, family education and communications, charitable planning and private foundations, and structuring business investments. Our approach addresses both the family office as a business and the private client’s family wealth as an on-going enterprise.

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Family Governance

Dynastic Planning | Governance | Mediation

The goal of Family Governance is to establish a scalable, sustainable and secure framework around the Family Business while defining and organising the relationship among Family Members, while also organising their relationship with the source of their financial wealth.

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Succession Planning

We work in close collaboration with you and facilitate discussions between key family members in order to create a succession plan which will enable a smooth transition.

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NextGen Education and Development

We work in partnership with the next generation of business families to equip them with the tools required to deal with the formidable challenges of ownership and leadership within a family business, enabling them to adapt and thrive in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

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