VAT in the GCC mobile app


VAT in the GCC guide mobile app

Our exclusive app guides you through all must-have information regarding VAT implementation in the GCC

Deloitte Middle East has created an interactive application to help teach, guide, and influence businesses and individuals alike to understand what VAT is and how it will impact the Gulf region once implemented.

This app is broken down into different sections that are easy to navigate and learn from.

At first glance, you will find learning materials such as whitepapers, videos, industry impacts, e-learnings and infographics to help further your understanding. To test your VAT knowledge, you will be able to try basic and advanced level quizzes with unlimited tries.

You will have the opportunity to experiment with a VAT calculator to see how much things will cost once the 5% VAT rate is applied in 2018 and understand how VAT interacts with customs duty.

Plus, stay informed and up-to-date through the VAT and customs updates and VAT academy events sections.

This app will surely accelerate your VAT journey and will enable you to get in touch with our VAT and customs experts.