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Deloitte Digital’s accelerator for insurance

FastConnect for cloud, mobile, and industry

Deloitte Digital’s FastConnect offering, created for sales, marketing, and servicing teams within the insurance industry, is designed to accelerate your customer success and bring increased account insight and activity efficiency to its users.

FastConnect is a pre-designed template for the insurance industry, designed for marketing, sales, and servicing teams. It helps sales agents have meaningful conversations with clients, offer timely service, and solicit feedback through satisfaction surveys to continuously improve performance.

The real-time interaction manager provides a 360 view of each account so the sales agent knows the best action to take to meet each client’s specific needs. Using FastConnect, the agent is able to present interactive insurance solutions during meetings and share quotes on the customer portal instantly.

FastConnect integrates with phone systems, allowing servicing teams to connect with customers quickly. Using mobile apps, customers can enter claims directly from their smartphones and contact service agents for assistance. Customers can also use the secure portal to check the status of claims online.

Watch the video to learn more about FastConnect solutions. 

Deloitte Digital FastConnect brochure