Abdul Wajid

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Abdul Wajid

Al Sila Tower

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United Arab Emirates


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Abdul Wajid is the Middle East Risk Advisory Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT) Center of Excellence (CoE) Leader and a Partner with Deloitte & Touche Middle East. He brings more than 17 years of experience leading large, complex accounts across TMT industry, with particular emphasis in the telecommunications sector. Abdul’s principal focus had been providing corporate governance, enterprise risk management, ethics & compliance management, revenue assurance, contract risk & compliance, internal audit and advisory services to telecommunication companies. Abdul has supervised, managed and delivered many projects within the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

As a key advisor to senior executives of telecom companies in the Middle East, he assists with developing strategic solutions to current critical telecom sector issues, including:

  • Review three lines of defense models and suggesting key functions which either need to be established or enhanced to strengthen organizations’ controls environment.
  • Review group operating models and suggesting the best way to manage complex and decentralized functions for risk, compliance and regulatory perspective. 
  • Review internal controls framework for financial and operational processes and suggesting sustainable models for effective internal control systems.
  • Provide revenue assurance and fraud management services to key telecom operators within the region.  
  • Perform risk assessment and developing strategic internal audit plans for large organizations. 
  • Conducting internal audits and capacity building of internal audit departments.
  • Regularly present at the highest levels of organizations including CXOs, CEO, Audit Committee and the Board of Directors.  

During his tenure with Deloitte, Abdul has provided services to number of telecommunications companies to thrive in a variety of market conditions. Abdul is a frequent speaker on telecom issues at major conferences and organizational forum talking about Risk Management, Compliance Management, Anti-Corruption, Anti Bribery, Artificial intelligence, and convergence of telecom industry with other industries. 

Abdul Wajid