Yousef Barkawie

Analytics & Cognitive Leader

Yousef Barkawie

Emaar Square, Building 1

Downtown Dubai


United Arab Emirates


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Yousef leads the Analytics & Cognitive offering for Deloitte in the Middle East, where he works closely with clients to develop their Data and AI Strategies, modernize their Data and Analytics platforms, and position them to become Insight Driven Organizations.

Yousef is a seasoned and multi-faceted technology leader with over 20 years of experience, combining management consulting with system integration and advanced technology implementation.

Yousef approaches his work with great passion, which has enabled him to build lasting relationships with his clients and establish a shared vision of innovation. He works with CIOs, CDOs, and Senior Public Officials with leading organizations across multiple industries to create opportunities for them to optimize, transform and monetize their information assets, and leverage cutting edge Advanced Analytics and innovative business strategies.

Yousef Barkawie